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That seems not likely but I base that on my own laziness and regard for comfort. MR. FITZGERALD: Your Honor and counsel, I have some matters that are properly beyond the scope of direct examination, but I think for convenience to the witness, I wonder if I might be allowed to take him as my witness? Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders, Manson Exposed: A Reporter's 50-Year Journey into Madness and Murder, CHARLES MANSON: Helter Skelter; The Entire Life Story, Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties, Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life Inside His Cult, and the Darkness That Ended the Sixties, The Long Prison Journey of Leslie Van Houten: Life Beyond the Cult, Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson, The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman, Manson in His Own Words: The Shocking Confessions of The Most Dangerous Man Alive by Charles Manson. ANSWER: I think I was laying out in the sun, Im not sure. ANSWER: I wrote a few letters and listened to the stereo. QUESTION: When you heard the dogs Christopher bark 2 or 3 hours after Steven Parent left, was it your state of mind that a guest was arriving on the premises? Tony Montoya - Kill Me Again (1989) as Alan Swayzie Second, "Off to another aunt and uncle." You can visit Sherman's. QUESTION: Did you hear any noise coming from inside the Polanski residence as you walked to the guest house? People . QUESTION: How did you enter the premises at 10:00 pm, through the gate here as depicted in the diagram? Spouse. MR. FITZGERALD: That it was 2 or 3 hours after Parent left that he heard the dogs barking. This person has not replied to me.Beside my interest in what I call the "lost months" of William Garretson, between October 1968 and Mid-March 1969, I am also fascinated with what Bill did not hear about 12:40am on August 9, 1969.Although it has been hotly debated, I am of the belief that Tim Ireland heard none other than Voytek Frykowski as he screamed out in the night. Since 2016, Billy is gone and it's possible barely anyone cares. LANCASTER - Charles Manson's death Sunday brought back memories of his connections to central and southern Ohio. QUESTION: When the stereo was on, were you on the couch? QUESTION: I take it that he eventually left your guest house? The larger dog. View popular celebrities life details, birth signs and real ages. I've been in that canyon more times that I care to remember. ANSWER: I know their name by Tom and Dave. Star, I've often wondered if the car was a graduation present, and that, even if Bill sold it, the money may have been his, or at least a portion of it?Grim, for me what Bill was doing for the months before August 8 is simply background. QUESTION: I show you Peoples 22 for identification. Buntline, yes thanks. QUESTION: So far as you know, he was in Europe at the time, is that correct? Or actresses and heiresses. A native of Lancaster, Ohio, Garretson stayed in a small cottage behind the main house. Is that the stereo about which you were referring earlier in your testimony? I tried to locate Linda when I was gathering information for this post but I was too late. QUESTION: When you returned at approximately 10:00 pm, did you see anyone about the premises? A man who many of you tangled with over the years who puts on a "radio" show of sorts floats somewhere in that realm of Charlie cousins. The following morning he was discovered in the guest house and quickly arrested on charges of suspicion of murder. With no psychological aftercare or anything else, Billy enjoyed a free redeye back Ohio that evening where the wife he married three weeks earlier waited. And check out Billy's answer to the last question. QUESTION: Did it appear to you that Sebring was a frequent visitor at the location? Or maybe Lee Marvin. ANSWER: Well, they kept accurate time if I would wind them up. Dave, who was married, bought Garretson beer on several occasions leading up to the murders, so that Bill would let him use the guesthouse to entertain his girlfriend. 1:07 LANCASTER - Charles Manson's death Sunday brought back memories of his connections to central and southern Ohio. Maybe he tried women's wigs first and failed. Perhaps they were afraid they may have had to take care of Rudi's dogs if Bill wound up in jail.I have attempted to contact one girl that Bill was reported to have known in LA. Torque said Bill Garretson did get charged for posession of marijuana in LATorque, do you remember where you read that? William Garretson's net worth And why would he marry three women throughout the course of his life and have children with two if he was gay? And if so, why would he go to Los Angeles and not San Francisco? $1.85 can only get one so far.Also, it has been traditionally held that Rudi Altobelli met Bill via hitchhiking. beauders saidDidn't he claim he slept through a blowjob on a train?No, "the big city." According to the Columbus Citizen Journal, (1970), Bill Garretson's mother, Mary, said Bill left Lancaster Ohio in October 1968 for California. Prosecution witness William Garretson was born on August 24, 1949 in Lancaster, Ohio. They said the more recent murders of a grocery chain owner Leno La Bianca, 44, and his wife Rosemary, 37, were those of a psychotic cashing in on the publicity of the so-called Tate murders. the picnic table. Garretson was the caretaker of Rudi Altobelli's Cielo Drive estate in Benedict Canyon, which at the time was rented out to Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. At 59, he is a big-rig truck driver. "He was kind of a shy, quiet guy, but you couldn't find a nicer guy.". You get into the porch, then the patio. We're getting ahead of ourselves. Definitely ask the others because this brain is mush. !when they ask Billy during his polygraph if he ever had sex with a man, and Billy replies that he has, I notice that many researchers harmonize that statement with the blowjob taleActually, it's not researchers that do the harmonizing, it's Garretson himself. You're right and good point. Do you know what is depicted in that photo? @ GreenWhite, I also live in the southern half of Ohio, in the eastern area. That was when I just turned 18; and, well what the story was, I was with this one kid that, you know, I knew, and he went and bought these girls a beer, and I happened to be with him when he was in the store, so I was charged for it. QUESTION: If you recall, when would they normally commence their barking? I tried to find her but was unsuccessful. They drove there with the explicit intention of killing as many people as they found there, stealing their money, and staging the scene to look as though black people had committed the murders. QUESTION: Isnt it a fact that you heard Christopher barking loudly approximately 2 or 3 hours after Mr. Parent left your home? North Los Angeles Street in the City of Los Angeles? Quick story. QUESTION: Were you friendly with any of the gardeners? Like Derr, classmates of Garretson's described him as kind and polite. He was the caretaker of the Polanski residence, 10050 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon. Ireland was in a place to clearly hear the voice at a very significant distance. He never should've gone out there. Star - I like your two questions about Billy, btw. You might even have a story just like it to share with me in the comments. QUESTION: You were carrying something in your hand, right? Billy and Wife #1 have a child while living at this address. May it be marked Peoples next in order? Your Resource for the Tate-LaBianca (TLB) Murders. His current love life is quite a mystery. DEATH TO PIGS and the misspelled HEALTER SKELTER were written in their blood on a wall and the refrigerator. QUESTION: Now, are you familiar with the acoustics at 10050 Cielo Drive? He said he hitch-hiked from Ohio to California. QUESTION: Which entrance did you use when you came back with your TV dinner? The two were connected by a rope hung over a rafter and looped around their necks. Three wives is deeper than any closet I've ever heard of in the secular world. Let's move on to August 9th. The 2 Gypsy women offered the same kind of "hospitality" to ALL 5 OF US in exchange for his release! Billy studies business and is on the wrestling team but absent from the team photo. QUESTION: is this the walk that you took back to the guest house? A. Garretson and Bessie (John) Garretson. It was a Friday night. Or maybe create it if you do not. QUESTION: Do you recall what you did that evening, August 8, 1969, a Friday? Billy Garreston, fresh from his senior year in Ohio, arrives in the City of Angels on the back of a turnip truck and drifts through a year or two of living on his journey to Rudi Altobelli. MR. STOVITZ: Did you say a chilly TV dinner? He described Garretson as everybody's friend, and a nice, quiet guy. But if he didn't, where was he? QUESTION: When you discovered that the line was dead, or it sounded dead when you put it to your ear, did you attempt to investigate the cause of the disorder? THE COURT: I dont find anything inconsistent. Tecumseh was tough but had an insane brother. It's almost like trying to do the defence's work for them, 50 years down the line, because it's felt they made such a poor job of it. How much time passes before a yokel like Billy can cozy up to a mobbed-up guy like Rudi and have the skill set to make it stick? His wife is granted the divorce on the grounds of gross neglect and extreme cruelty. All Rights Reserved. QUESTION: Did anyone live with you in the guest house? But first, where was Billy before the dog watching gig that came with free rides from Folger family members? We have had other occasional attempts at creative writing, such as Fayez with his affected and incomprehensible attempts at literary output. MR. BUGLIOSI: I have here another photograph, Your Honor, showing a portion of a residence. Personally I thought she was most effective low in the mix. Justin was a scrawny but tough little reprobate and, he was almost ALWAYS a dream to manage on the road. Or turn him out. Torque - it's just crazy to imagine. And Garretson does most of the talking. QUESTION: In the presence of Lieutenant A.H. Burdick? 11th Grade. QUESTION: And you hitchhiked back, right? QUESTION: In a sack. In a moment, we'll discuss a second and just as interesting block of missing time at the end of Billy's stay in California and its possible effects on his eventual testimony. I'm not sure how long he was in LA before 8/8/69. This is not an unusual phenomena at all. Would you have to close it or would it automatically close? There appears to be an object there on the seat. Getting into cars is totally scary. QUESTION: Well, Im not talking about any particular conversation. MR. BUGLIOSI: Your Honor, I have here another photograph of the interior of a car. It's not a stretch to wonder if things he experienced during that period might help us better understand the goings on at Cielo prior to the murders. This was his final address. MR. KANAREK: It is immaterial. QUESTION: In other words, you were hitchhiking? QUESTION: What time was it that you actually went to bed, went to sleep that is? William Garretson, called as a witness by and on behalf of the defendants, was examined and testified as follows: Direct Examination by Mr. Fitzgerald. And also was not from Lancaster. And he told me to shut up, they would show me. ANSWER: The people that lived in the main house. QUESTION: You hitchhiked down Sunset Boulevard, right? William Garretson was born on August 24, 1949 in Lancaster, Ohio. William Garretson, who moved back to his home town of Lancaster, Ohio after his arrest, was called as a witness by and on behalf of the People of the State of California v. Charles Manson, and testified in the trial on July 26, 1970. Plus, I hate to say it but I think my early Wesleyan training got to me. Pref - awesome username and thank you for the compliment. Martin Sr.'s wife, Anna Marie, also passed away in 1875 at the age of 56 due to winter fever. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I was more of a cider/spirits guy and, I was never, ever so thoroughly embarrassed drinking as I was on this tour and I was almost always the one who could outdrink pretty much anyonenot this tour and, especially NOT ON THIS DAY!After a few hours of ridiculously stupid drinking we realized that we were missing a guitarist. Rudy Altobelli, hired a live-in caretaker named William Garretson to look after the property. QUESTION: I show you Peoples 16 for identification, do you see Miss Folgers car depicted in that photograph? Pete - Funny and succinct. QUESTION: He actually owned the guest house? I didn't know other drugstores existed for the first twelve years of my life. Linda Lou Derr died at the end of July 2020. Nathan Hussey and Ann, his wife; John Garretson and Content, his [second] wife; Christopher Hussey and Ann, his wife; John Day and . QUESTION: Now, when you were up during the night listening to the stereo and writing letters, were you in the living room? And anyway where'd you hide? And she was a guest at the pool at Cielo. I hope you liked my Irish Rover joke in my previous post. Whatever he knew,he took it with him.You get picked up hitchhiking and a day later your living in the guest house,starring at the hollywood sign.Must have really kept that pool clean.He saw the lifestyle of our hollywood elites.He knew not to talk too much. ANSWER: Another one came and pointed another rifle, and then another one, and he was pointing a pistol, and he kicked in the door, and Christopher bit him on the leg. He was the homosexual that Charles mentioned in a interview that sold him drugs and pornography on several occasions. Manson's plan seemingly backfired, and William was released. So who knows? He awoke to the sound of police activity, and learned of the murders when he saw the bodies of three of the victims on the grass outside the home. QUESTION: Did you say anything to Christopher when he started to bark and woke you up? Remembering their son, Derrsaid she thought her son would be in theatre or an actor if he were still alive. Local resident adds 'strange' details about gory Manson killing spree, From the archives: Mother thinks son couldn't be killer, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. QUESTION: Did you own a jacket at that time? QUESTION: I take it, sir, you were arrested Saturday morning for these murders, is that correct? There would always be twenty or thirty dollars more and like she wasn't what they call a 'flatback' but she was a hustling girl." ANSWER: I didnt wind them, no. He had little or no money and was freshly unemployed. QUESTION: Well, lets take it step by step. QUESTION: Did they bark when Mr. Parent arrived that night? I mostly only internally discuss food wants and upcoming meals with myself. QUESTION: By the pool of the Polanski residence? QUESTION: His barking then was not extraordinary or unusual in any respect? The Donna Jean comment was random but hilarious. OH! QUESTION: You had seen him on or about the premises? Maybe use your VPN and don't slip up and give away any unnecessary info. THE COURT: Mr. Fitzgerald, we will adjourn at this time until Monday at 9:45 am. Bury me in your Joyce, mo dhearthir. I've long thought my next door neighbor is related to Charlie somehow. MR. BUGLIOSI: May I put another X and mark it couch, Your Honor? Ann Garretson born 22 Feb 1750 4. QUESTION: Did he appear to be carrying on a conversation? ANSWER: I would have to come through the parking lot. QUESTION: What about the day before, Sunday afternoon at 4:25 in the afternoon? QUESTION: On the evening or the early morning hours of August the 13th after Steven Parent left your residence, did you hear Christopher barking? I have a friend who is a flower wholesaler. No one in my family attended college during the Depression. daughter. Fitzgerald was getting no help from Billy or the bench that day. Technology is all we have anymore if you think about it. Star, as I recall, Bill discussed the marijuana charge with LAPD during his interview, and just before the polygraph examination. She also said he loved his work at the home of film director Roman Polanski. QUESTION: Were you sleeping at the time that the police arrived or had you already awakened? Two quick reactions, one to the piece and one to a comment above . Even if you stand firm in other beliefs, it's interesting that we might have a block of missing time in Billy's California life as told in the narrative. Father of William Garretson; Elizabeth Downing; John Garretson; Jacob Garretson, Sr. and Martha Kirk. QUESTION: Would you briefly explain your acquaintanceship with him? QUESTION: The next day was a Sunday, August 10th, isnt that right? ANSWER: All the clocks were wound up. QUESTION: Now, Mr. Parent came to the guest house, did you engage in some conversations? THE COURT: He is not going to use the word impeachment; he is going to ask him if he said it. QUESTION: All 3 dogs were inside the guest house that night, is that right? "Uncle Bill had no teeth"Uncle Bill was an engineer on the B&O RR and in his early 40's at the oldest. Garretson wound up suing the city for false arrest, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and violation of his Constitutional rights. ANSWER: Around 8:00 pm, I went down to Sunset Boulevard. QUESTION: I notice there is a little walk right here? In an Aug. 11, 1969, article, Garretson's mother told Eagle-Gazette staff she refused to believe her son committed the horrendous crime, citing that her son had only ever stolen some candy from a store as a child, but that all children do that. Early 60's. Discover today's celebrity birthdays and explore famous people who share your birthday. QUESTION: Is the button near the telephone pole where I am pointing now? ANSWER: Yes, there is. Tell me no one, not even that crew, is that stupid, Billy. QUESTION: After you were released from custody, what did you do? QUESTION: Did you walk by the main house when you walked back to the guest house? The mouth of Cielo is downhill and on the other side of the hill where the home is. Did Billy split for the West Coast so he could be gay without his mom running the vacuum in the living room while he got his groove on behind his locked bedroom door? Before we get motoring, I want to assert that one indisputable truth in this whole big Charles Manson milieu is that the road is littered with children no one gave a shit about and often hurt. I mean, conversation with other people. QUESTION: Had you known Mr. Parent prior to this occasion? He said he was not advised of his right to remain silent until several hours after his arrest. QUESTION: Just July and August, yes. HS. --Who paid the fee for Billy's high priced lawyer, and why?--How did Billy manage to avoid the draft? Numerous blind alleys. QUESTION: During that period of time, did you know who was living in the main house? Copyright 2023 Distractify. But we are in the place where no sense makes sense. QUESTION: Did you know anything at all about these murders? Even more shocking, was their discovery of 19 year old William Garretson, of the Lancaster, Ohio area, sitting unharmed and shirtless on a couch in the guesthouse. QUESTION: Try to speak up a little more loudly, sir. MR. BUGLIOSI: May I mark this guest house, Your Honor? At 67 years old, William Garretson height not available right now. The brutal slayings upended Hollywood, as it was the first time that a famous actress was targeted in her home. Sound travels in strange and unexpected ways in those settings and what people in the area (Wm G. included) reported is entirely in line with reality. His net worth has been growing significantly in 2021-2022. Was never hard to get a ride either. None of Billy's few interviews asked the questions I would call the necessary questions. A real tough guy. This is cross-examination. I'd at least take the bus with some of my Camaro money. He claimed the sucker was called "Rice or something like that." QUESTION: You did not think that was unusual or peculiar? I'm scared of everything. In late July of 1969, Steve picked up 19-year-old William Garretson hitchhiking in Beverly Hills. Blanchard found an unexpected ally in William Garretson, who had been the teenage caretaker of Tate's house at the time of her death and the first suspect taken into custody for the killings. QUESTION: You have swam in the pool, havent you? You can ask him if he said that, and let the jury decide whether it impeaches him or not. Serious Thinner and face eating bath salt zombies imagery. There's no way he could do that because of his personality and how nice he was. "That's what Bill was going to be, but he never had his chance," she said. Is this the entrance here? And did they really come back later that night and loudly argue? Scrolling through the labels along the right side of the blog reveals that this is the thirteenth time blog writers have mentioned Billy (and remembered to make a label). QUESTION: Do you remember the day, August 8th, 1969, a Friday? starviego said:Interestingly, this is consistent with others who heard yelling/gunshots after 1amSo who, after 1am, heard dogs barking other than Emmett Steele {and don't forget, they were his own dogs !} Possibly his tenth depending on how you feel about poor Mr. Stubbs. The mother told newspaper staff her son was mischievous as all kids are, but that he didn't like to hunt, fish or kill anything. Garretson was still in custody the next night when the LaBiancas were tied up with lamp cords and stabbed to death in Los Feliz. Her/our family is famous in Scottish lore, and Mel Gibson played our most famous historical relative in a movie mostly every Boomer, Gen X'er, and Millennial reading this has watched, heard of, or seen in memes. We were traveling with another band that supported us for the entire tour. This is to no surprise as the LAPD officer who originally conducted his polygraph examination had concluded Garretson was clean on participation in the crimes, yet muddy as to his having heard anything. The pair were married for five years and had a son together, she said, adding that their son was born with a severe heart defect and died after his third open heart surgery. QUESTION: And you were questioned at that time, were you not? Learn How rich is He in this year and how He spends money? That is a question that can be answered yes or no. Do you know what is shown in that photograph? Moreover, she said Bill had but $1.85 in his pocket.Bill did agree to an interview on Truth On Tate Labianca Radio a few years ago, and answered several questions. That's not new news. Billy died in 2016. But believe me, it has been done ! QUESTION: Did Mr. Parent engage in a conversation with you about the identity of two women within the main house? Somewhere around there. I show you Peoples 21 for identification. Next sentence, "Even as a child I knew they were not smart." QUESTION: He left about 15 minutes after midnight; is that what you are saying? ANSWER: Yes. If you haven't read the Bill (and one post labeled William) Garretson posts on the right, you should. QUESTION: Is there a #4 on the volume control? MR. KANAREK: Object, Your Honor, on the grounds that it is leading and suggestive. He was running low on money when he was hired to be the caretaker for the residence that eventually became the site of the brutal murders. And lest I forget. Torque said it may cause one to wonder why Bill set out for California with only $1.85 in his pocket if he sold the Camaro. And she was a guest at the pool at Cielo. ANSWER: Two bodies on the front lawn and one in the car. QUESTION: What was the weather like on the evening of the 8th, do you recall? As someone with a strange interest in peripheral characters, i've previously looked up Darrel Kistler, Patty Maloney, Debra Tidwell, Roy Plank et al, but does anyone know who Tom and Dave, the gardening brothers, were?Tom, who had a Mustang, would occasionally park up by the gates with a girl. son. QUESTION: Ok. Did you eventually fall asleep? wife. I didnt keep track who came in and who left. Lt Burdick asks who the sex that Bill says he's had was with, and Bill then goes on to relate the tale of the sleeping booty. Jealousy probably. Luther became a minister shortly before he died at 33 years old. His father, William, died in 1792, and after that most . "Because when Justin finally woke up (fortunately around 20mins before we were supposed to go on) he had a VERY weak recollection of how he came to lose his stuff (fortunately, no beating or organ harvesting occurred) AND, HE HAD ZERO RECOLLECTION OF HIS "Bill Garretson" tag team Gypsy session! 7 Nov 2021Sunday If anyone is on West Coast time or stays up later in other time zones and wants to hang out tonight, I'm a guest host on The Paulcast tonight at 730 pm PST.