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I cant think of another ride that will be a problem. What is the Best Disney World Park for Adults? Most of the rides for younger children have wide seats and/or loose restraints. I know the anxiety us big people have when it comes to riding at the parks. The Avatar Flight of Passage is Fat Friendly since there are no weight restrictions. It will be OK. Ive never been to Disney World and really want to go but Id be afraid of the investment if I have to ride alone. If you have any questions about a ride, you can always ask a Cast Member. Kali River Rapids may require a set belt extender. Buy just in case it does! Seven dwarves was a tight fit because it squeezes your legs together but it was totally worth it. However, Ive never been to Disney before. If you were on the same row, you can always use the mom bar (mom throwing an arm over the kid) if its needed, but its not really needed. That being said, the lap bar hasnt always been there. Check out this video that shows the boarding process for the Disney Skyliner. So in a few weeks Im going to Disney with family and my bf. We are leaving for Disney in a week and a half with our 2 year old and 4 year old. I just came back from Orlando with my family. The Mine Train wasnt even uncomfortable and I think someone even heftier than myself could easily fit. But as far as the others, go with confidence! Hope this is alright, but we are actually going to disneyland next month. Another guy a few seats down had the same problem and he had to exit too. You have calmed my fears of not fitting into some of the DWorld rides. I dont want anything to overshadow it. Im 6 and about 310 pounds. Hi I really wanted to say thank you for having this comment section!!! Being overweight is a problem at Walt Disney World but not because of the rides. im taking my string bean 4 year old daughter im concerned that the lap bars will not secure her on the rides shes 44 inches and loves thrill so im sure shell want to ride all the rides she can. There are always minimum height requirements on several rides for safety reasons. Clint Gamache, the owner of ThrillGeek website, said he noticed more people struggling with the leg restraints than with size matters . We are leaving this weekend for a week long vacation at Disney and I have been concerned that I wouldnt be able to fit on some of the rides. Thanks so much for this site. Thanks so much! will i be able to ride the rides? Idk how you rode 7dwarfd and slinky because I am 260 a d it wasnt that comfy for me cause the bars in my tummy. im 55 and 400lbs fit everything except 7 dwarf mine train. The only issue a person of size might run into is the guest restraints not fitting properly on certain rides. He is hefty, 56 and around 375. I went on this ride seven times! I am glad I stumbled onto this guide to WDW for us larger humans. Ive just avoided the other stuff. But for the most part Disney you should fit on most if not all of the rides at the Kingdom. To my surprise, I slid into the seat just fine! I have not found any info female 290 55 wants to go with family and not face a walk of shame. Dont worry too much about avatar flight of passage. Im worried about the rides there. Kilimanjaro Safari: bench seat. THEN & NOW: How Did Mr. Toad's Fantasyland Ride Turn into Pooh? I am 510 and about 280. Thanks! You may be just fine I attemped to ride yesterday, 6/4/17, and didnt fit. I was having some knee problems (I have 2 artificial knees) the last time I tried to ride and had real problems exiting the ride. They lock in the legs and the midsection, so for plus-sized riders, they may be more uncomfortable. This trip was too important and too expensive for me not to at least try. The Chairlift at Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park is the only attraction at either of the two water parks with a weight limit. You will be able to experience at least 1 ride. The only one Id be wary on is Big Thunder Mountain which uses a shared lap bar but in a very deep ride vehicle but in that case just wrap your arm around your daughter and hold on tight if it gives you better peace of mind! Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be the most uncomfortable, but youll be able to get on. (Rides that have bars that serve as a restraint). Im concerned I wont fit. Also some some tall and large people and those with big calfs do experience some problems on Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom. Barn stormer lap bar a bit snug on bar and knees. Avatar has a ride vehicle similar to TRON where the rider leans all the way forward and they are closed in by bars coming up the back and calves. The opening of Tron has everyone celebrating that its finally done, but now after seeing some people struggle to fit in the ride vehicles. Read that again: Walt Disney World has no weight limits on ANY of their rides. Sign up and get our weekly tips and tricks to help you plan your next Walt Disney World vacation of your dreams. The only rides that may cause issues are Flight of Avatar and Kali River Rapids. Would You Want QUEEN To Replace Aerosmith On Rock 'n' Rollercoaster At Disney's Hollywood Studios? It is a gondola system that can get you to different Disney theme parks and resorts located in the Walt Disney World area. Its just hard work. It would be fine with a single bar for the car like in Thunder Mountain Railroad. You cant be too big for those (just be careful if you are riding with a small person next to you. i really needed help. I barely made it because of the size of my thighs and tummy. As long as the restraint bar can lock you are free to ride! The Reedy Creek Improvement District As We Currently Know It Will Be No More! I think if you are under a 52 waist (men size) it should be pretty comfortable fit. Disney is very XL friendly. I just got back from Disney with my 6 year old daughter and 6 7 350 lb husband. You might have trouble on Flight of Passage, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Astro Orbiter, but the most of other rides should be OK. ( So I am worried about rides coming like Star Wars and stuff. My mother is more of your height and weight and she was just fine to ride. Storm Slides - at least 48 inches tall. There are no weight limits on any of the attractions. Any ride a 2 year-old can go on isnt going to be a problem for a Pooh sized person. Thanks! Those sleigh like seats are free for anyone to use! (Like the Haunted Mansion.) I am 58, 270 and I will probably be doing most of the rides with my daughter (about 4ft, 75 lbs) Im worried that the restraints wont fit her securely due to my larger size. Flight of Passage is the other one that could be a problem. Thanks for whatever information you can provide! I just wanted to thank everyone for their honesty. We often get questions on the discussion boards from concerned "larger" visitors in reference to having enough leg room, fitting comfortably in the various seats and/or restraints, riding on rides, and the roominess of the many turnstiles they'll encounter, to name a few. I am so relieved to read all of these comments! As long as he has good mobility hell be fine. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Star Tours: no issues. Go to Disney without fear! All Rights Reserved. However, I noticed there is some give to the lap bar mechanism once it closes. If you can fit into a theater-style seat at other Disney attractions (Carousel of Progress, Hall of Presidents, American Adventure, etc. Flight of Passage might not work. Our theme park guides contain reviews and ratings of rides, restaurants and hotels at more than 80 theme parks worldwide. Splash mountain lap bar a bit snug and knees were hitting. I only had an issue with Harry Potter Forbidden Journey. I didnt not try Rockin Roller Coaster because the son is too short, but Id ride any ride without fear. Ive never heard of Disney turning anyone away from any ride except if you arent tall enough to ride. If you are concerned about fit and comfort with the new TRON attraction you can request the back row section of ride vehicles. Everything was comfortable. Thank you for Pooh-sized info! Sooooo be careful where you sit! I have never been to any of Disney. There is a door that closes on you that creates a chamber feel. (Mission Space, Rock n Roller Coaster, etc.) Rides like Expedition Everest have separate lap-bars for each guest, meaning that your size will have no impact on the person sitting next to you. We are going in September and am worried about not fitting in or for that matter in other rides. Kali River Rapids no longer offer a seat belt extender. Hope this helps others. Otherwise I only had to do the walk of shame on one, but the employees helping me off thought I was participating in the parent-share ride. Nice wide areas, the only problem is stepping in and out. Thanks everyone..I dont feel so alone and out of place now. The short answer is no, but it's slightly more complicated than that. I wouldnt fit. I am 511 280 lbs. These are available on most of the rides when size may be a problem. Im not quite sure what you are asking, but all the Disney Parks are very Pooh friendly. We are planning a WDW vacation this June, and my husband and I are both Pooh sized! And in any case this is highly unlikely as plenty of adults are able to ride with children). It depends on how far down the ride sits on the tracks so pay attention to that. The Hulk rollercoaster was tight fit but still managed. The seats were nice and roomy, and the seatbelt was fine. Just wondering if anyone out there is this sized and what their experiences have been. I dont know, but from what I hear, good luck. Astro Orbiter: This one was a bit awkward climbing in and out of, but I managed just fine. I got on Flight of Passage for Avatar. Fun, otherwise! My daughter and I are planning a trip in 2018 (Octoberish). It feels very strange, but it is secure. For the record, Im 6-1 and 360. Im actually waiting in line for this ride with my family right now. Will I be able to ride the rides and have fun? As previously stated, There are height limits on some rides but there are no weight limits on any rides at Walt Disney World. I got on all the rides we had fast passes for lol (meaning the lines were too long of a wait for my son). Kali River Rapids - Guests must be 38 inches or taller. Mission Space is not a problem. Disney has done their part to ensure that they maintain their status as the Happiest Place on Earth, regardless of your shape or size. I am 58 and weigh 225. If you are able to get a fast pass thats the way to go. Go with confidence. The seats on Splash Mountain are side by side and there are 8 in each vehicle. My husband is about 510 and 290 lbs and the pull down bar restraint that comes down over your shoulders at Gringotts Bank would not engage over the top of my husband. My family and I are going to be going to Disney World in March on a trip through Dream Connection. Hi! The only ride that you might want to skip is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Finally, I hope I never grow tired of skipping down Main Street, USA, and my dream come true would be friends with the Fairy Godmother in my old age. Space Mountain has a T-bar that comes up between your legs and holds you in. Most Disney attractions that use lap-bars can accommodate a variety of body types, particularly the rides that allow for individual use of lap-bars (as in Expedition Everest as opposed to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad). I weigh 325lbs. The Space Mountain T-bar is the same way. Primeval Whirl - Guests must be 48 inches or taller. (Splash Mountain and 7 Dwarfs). Continue with Recommended Cookies. Its not made for large people especially if you have mobility issues. And thank you so much for this commentary! I know a little about knee replacements. The 10 Best Disney Dining Reservations to Make for Your Trip. Until now. Pirates of the Caribbean: No problems. The rides at Walt Disney World are very friendly to Pooh sized people. If you want to enjoy the nostalgia of the classic carousel but dont feel comfortable on the horse, feel free to take a nanny bench. Make sure to look out for signs warning you about body size restrictions these rides are not for big folks other than that I still had a good time. There are special vehicles at the Safari that should accommodate you in your chair. If you have any mobility problems Space Mountain might be a problem, but overall you should be good. You will be find. Has anyone had a problem on mission: space? If you have good mobility youll be able to ride pretty much all the rides. He is actually close to 400 pounds. No. I included my waist size due to most people only put weight but buy putting waist size you have a better ideal how you would fit. Do yall think Ill be okay? For dad?? I am especially wide in the hips/belly/butt area & have a bad knee. Ok Im 64 325 lbs. link to What Are The Cheapest Times To Go To Disney In 2023. A little disappointed that after hours of waiting in line (yes we did have +FP) we were not able to enjoy this ride. Im a large man at 61 and 370 with a 50 waist I was very nervous having been to other parks and not being able to ride anything. And I dont want that, I weigh 311 atm and dropping. Im headed to Disney Easter week. If you have any questions as to whether you will fit comfortably on a ride, ask a Cast Member at Disney and they can give you some guidance. Just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to do these WDW guides, especially this one. She rode, I did not. But in the next 5 months I plan to diet and hit it hard in hopes that I wont have any issues to worry about by the time we go on our trip.. To all that want to know Im just under 6 foot tall and 380 pounds,the last time I went to Disney I was more at 400 hundred plus I did not have a problem riding anything was a little squished on a couple rides but still rode..Just a note dont go to Universal they dont accommodate. There are no turnsytles at Disney except for the Disney rail road train which starts at the front of the park. Credit: WDW Cast & Community Facebook. We visit Silver Dollar City pretty regularly and I recently had to endure the walk of shame there. So glad I found this site. Thanks!! Have a great time and dont worry you have the information you need . Fantasyland Queues: Most Fantasyland queues are pretty tight and have the old style line turnstile which can be quite difficult to go past. The vehicle is very similar to the Haunted Mansion vehicle, except you actually pull down this lap bar according to your own size. i am a lil bit smaller not much though i am 510 and 300 pounds. Do you know how SeaWorld rides are in Orlando? Ride everything and enjoy your magical experience!! Since the bench seats have no armrests, it is also possible to seat larger people without crowding them into a single row. Barely fit into space mountain. So Im 23 and Im 55 weigh 485 and i want to take my fiancee to walt disney world but Im afraid that i wont fit at amy of the rides and not enjoy our mini vacation. was nervous about Avatar Flight of Passage but I made it easily. Is it worth a shot? Lee, I would be very interested to know if this was an issue for you in the end? This was tight and no handicap walk around that I could see. Im 55 and 280. But you should be able to ride most if not all the rides.