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And as you get a lot of speedy information, it will take time to learn to settle your mind and only receive helpful impressions at least 75-85% of the time. You will likely see, hear, or notice with other senses things that most others do not. You have promising latent communication talents, and you can use your mind to manifest your highest potential and manage your reality. It's incredible to me to the point where you know, the few times I'm like, someone tells me that and my cynical nature is like, yeah, it's Mercury conjoined Neptune this power, I'm probably talking to a crazy person, you know? Mercury Conjunct Natal Neptune It is a good time to express your ideas and feelings and your artistic expression will be heightened. This is usually a time to let go of meticulousness since it may prove impossible to catch everything. Learn to control any clairvoyance ability and be honest in all your dealings, especially relationship and business partnerships. Your mental qualities are being tested and it's very difficult to communicate on the same page with others. By using this website you agree to our. Many can get involved in all kinds of intrigues and deal with secret matters, whereas its important for morals to be maintained and for morals to be avoided, as well as slanders. After a person/soul, serious inner work, giving up your base desires and working to improve your character, you dont just die- leave a spiritual body and become all-knowing; this is not the way it works. System Wide Map. The communication and airy- rampant thoughts of mercury meet the esoteric and delusion often addictive thoughts of Neptune- temperance of the energies is vital, and reaching for the higher octaves of expression for each planet. Mercury Stations Direct! How others, especially parents and teachers, reacted to your stories about this imaginary world was critical. Experiences that open your awareness probably are as varied as your imagination, which is enhanced now also. When it comes to being ambiguous, theyre not reading whats occurring and can generate untrue ideas. Are you and your love interest meant to be? This could include imaginary friends or entities when very young. The positive is that your sensitivity to subtle influences around you is greatly increased. Transiting Scorpio Moon Phase in Astrology, Transiting Moon in Sagittarius Phase Astrology, Moon Transit Capricorn Phase in Astrology. But one other extreme manifestation is that you have an ability to tap into "other realms." Mine is in Leo in the 10th so its very different heart on display for all the world to see. In its highest manifestation, this transit gives accurate psychic perception at all levels, with unbiased processing of this spiritual information. Naturally, this is a very bad time for any kinds of negotiations. On the contrary, this period is useful in being more open with what you say and more trusting in what you hear. Neptune transits conjunct Mercury Your thinking process becomes more animated, imaginative, and spirited during this transit. Youre not very sure of what youre thinking, or you adopt ideas that you normally would consider impractical. April 16, 2026 Mercury conjunct Neptune transit focuses your thinking and communications on spiritual topics, mysteries, the occult, and secrets. AstroMatrix Tarot combines a variety of different style tarot decks but still maintains classic tarot symbolism. This reading will help guide you in areas of your life and help you overcome obstacles and transform toxic relationships. While you can learn abundantly, the classroom is typically very open, and the world around you may offer many possibilities to broaden your outlook. You may feel like there is nothing for you to do now. However, this is a time when playfulness can take precedence over serious endeavors, and you may enjoy wandering without a set goal or objective. Typical Duration. Check out the Free online Tarot readings using this deck on the AstroMatrix app. Celebrities: Martin Luther, Tatum ONeal, Robert Redford, Demi Moore, Julio Iglesias, Maria Shriver, Alyssa Milano, Meg Ryan, Neil Armstrong. first day of fall September 2022, How does the winter solstice affect astrology? Using the Midheaven, the True Node and Saturn discover where your true potential and Career lies. Copyright 20092023 Astrology Library. They should be certain about what theyre beginning during this time and have their intention free of deceptions, even if its only a stage of concepts. This is also a great time to study any complicated subject. You must not readily believe anything you hear; fact check, always research and fact check. Neptune Conjunct Sun Transit The world suddenly seems to have a hazy glow and softness to it. For as long as Mercury is in conjunction with Neptune, people are more interested in studying art because they have a richer imagination and are more creative. These natives are perceiving images and can interpret any symbol in a more accurate manner than theyre understanding any tradition or communication form, no matter if spoken or put on paper. Neptune brings an other-worldly component to the thought processes that can greatly enhance the ability for idealism, imagination, and fantasy. A greater understanding of the personal ideals and the way they are either serving or frustrating is also possible. The Neptune conjunct Mercury transit is the epitome of "absent-minded." You're prone to losing your mind in a thicket of thoughts, imaginings, and perceptions. Its almost inevitable that youll be easily deceived, misunderstood, or try to deceive others. Jupiter Retrograde Transit and Natal : Embracing Change, Saturn retrograde Transit and Natal: Facing your karmatic Responsibilities, Pluto retrograde transit and natal : Transformnyour self destruction. The best part is you are able to ask any specific questions you have. This description applies for any of these transits: The transit of Neptune square to your natal Mercury signifies hazy communications. But if you're striving to make it through one day at a time, then the humdrum of details and consistent drudgery will instead prompt you to seek deliverance to anywhere but where you are. Spiritual awakening enlightenment 27 signs and symptoms your journey has begun, 8-Misinterpreted teachings-Jesus-Who was misunderstood in the Bible, Dark Night Of The Soul 20 to Signs Meaning Indepth Guide. This is why its essential to heal and not bury your psychological and emotional wounds. Because of the long orbital period of Neptune, it is a rare transit when transiting Neptune is conjunct your natal Chiron. Mercury conjunct Neptune in the natal chart can make you more sensitive to your surroundings, but this depends on all aspects of your natal chart. This time is impacting their way of thinking and the communication matters in both positive and negative ways. After this I did his chart and he has Mercury conjunct Neptune. What Is The Connection Between Soul And Body? Be careful in any contractual negotiations; that you understand the terms and that the other party understands you. Shadow Work: What Does It Mean To Do Shadow Work? You will notice how insufficient logical rationalism is when discovering your psychic and telepathic abilities. Words are simply escaping them and they can forget everything about very important principles. It also depends your natal Mercury. You may discover secrets while you learn things about the hidden aspects of the mind. Tired of Repeating The Same Routine? Mercury conjunct Neptune in the natal chart can make you more sensitive to your surroundings, but this depends on all aspects of your natal chart. Short, quick and to the point. All this means theres a connection between consciousness and unconsciousness in their energies, and that they need to use all the knowledge theyre gathering in order to not have problems with their balance. The higher octave of Neptune is all about unconditional love, divine guidance, connecting with the universe, spirituality. In case theyre deciding to make a habit from this, theyre becoming liable for creating their own reality, which can cause them problems they can no longer find solutions to. The Mercury conjunct Neptune transit is focused on matters of the mind and communication when it comes to spiritual subjects, mysteries and the occult. Keeping such things in mind, meetings should be postponed during the week of the Mercury conjunction with Neptune, when minds are clearer. Work and enhance your ability to decipher symbols and suggestions but dont become obsessive about this work; I know you can get frustrated when others do not understand you. Virgo Moon Transit :What does it mean that the moon is in Virgo? But, this is a great day to engage in projects that involve creativity or imagination. This results in deceit, treachery, lies, poison, and all underhand tactics. All humans have a weakness they need to work on; working on your weak or blind spots becomes strength. Your normally logical mind is more influenced by your imagination now, and straightforward, critical thinking may be difficult. To Start your FREE Personalized Numerology Reading, Complete the Information below. You may develop an interest in music, poetry or literature (particularly fantasy novels). Avoid having loose morals and starting illicit liaisons; even small white lies will still be exposed. For as long as the Mercury conjunct Neptune transit is in place, people are very sensitive to how people are reacting, which can influence the way theyre communicating. Try not to discard ideas from the past without examining them and checking them carefully. What happens in the last quarter moon transit? There are three basic kinds of conjunctions transit Mercury can make to natal Mercury. Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Mercury, Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Jupiter, Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Neptune, Transiting Mercury opposite natal Mercury, Transiting Mercury opposite natal Jupiter, Transiting Mercury opposite natal Neptune, Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Mercury, Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter, Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune, Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Mercury, Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Jupiter, Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Neptune, Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Mercury, Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Jupiter, Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Neptune, Transiting Neptune opposite natal Mercury, Transiting Neptune opposite natal Jupiter, Transiting Neptune opposite natal Neptune, Los Youre able to communicate your visions more clearly so others understand. It can be a problem for them to decode whats illusion and whats reality, as well what matters the most and what isnt very important, secrets from what needs to be told. Sun Transits: Through The Houses: How long do they Last? Theft and fraud are highlighted. Their intuition would be open and more accepting, so this time is perfect for spiritual achievements and creative activities. Others also seem to leave out important facts. This applies to both your communications to others and other people's communications to you. You should avoid making big decisions about your life or career because you may not be thinking clearly enough to consider all points. When transiting Neptune is conjunct your natal Sun: This transit is likely to make you feel like you are invisible. There can be nervous problems, and, if you have any predisposition to nervous disorders or some nerve palsy, it can coincide with this time. When you have natal Mercury conjunct Neptune, it is highly probable when you were younger, you were in tune with imaginary friends and seen things others did not. Quickly get estimated shipping quotes for our global package delivery services. Be careful to guard yourself against identity theft. For Entertainment purposes only. If lord of the 8th, papers related to tax or finance may be lost or stolen. Your ego is diminished and so is your ambition. Neptune Retrograde : What does it mean when Neptune is in retrograde? An unclear mind and the wrong messages being sent may be too much for them to handle. Strong earth or fire energy may shift this placement, whereas air and water strong in your chart will heighten Mercury conjunct Neptune. You could be subject to psychosomatic or difficult-to-diagnose illnesses. If lord of the 3rd, you may be subject to alot of detours while doing errands. Legal dealings may be under a cloud of confusion. He gave me a detailed description of some romantic moments between us during the project and a detailed description of what I wore, including a pair of white shorts. This conjunction is currently transiting my Pisces Moon in 12th House. You are extremely sensitive to other peoples reactions that will impact your way of communicating. With a Mercury Neptune conjunction in your natal chart, you better stay honest because truth will always help you in your endeavors. New Moon February 20, 2023 New Beginnings, Volodymyr Zelenskyy Horoscope Warrior Leader. Your email address will not be published. Besides, if in negative surroundings for too long, they can become weak and delirious. You dont need many words, yet your communications are much more effective, and others feel good that you understand them. Your dreams and waking visions may be intense, but be mindful of nightmares and misunderstanding psychic impressions, avoid taking too many intoxicating substances. Transit and Natal, How does the waning crescent affect us? This is a time when misunderstandings in your communications are likely. My readings weave together planetary symbolism, asteroids myths and Sabian symbols. Formal logic or rigid analysis likely is ineffective now and may have little appeal. Transiting Mercury conjunct Neptune can also impact your thinking and communications in a positive or negative way. Misinterpretations are much more likely to occur now than in the past, whether intentional or not. Avoid becoming overly delirious and lost in the psychic realms, keep an idea journal, work through them, and finish things before starting something new. And yet, your ability to tell what is real and what is imaginary is perfectly balanced, making this period more productive. Transiting Neptune conjunct your natal Mercury. These transits increase your ability to communicate psychic and spiritual experiences. shipping calculated at checkout to other worldwide locations. During normal direct motion (not near a station) transit, Mercury makes quick one-hit conjunctions to natal Neptune that happen yearly and represent an opportunity for imagination, fantasy, or artistic expression to enter the daily life and provide insight into generational or cultural themes. Misrepresentation of the value of property is more likely. It would be more instructive to look at transiting Uranus conjunct Neptune. Use it. Routine may not be your friend, naturally, but you need to befriend it to reach your highest potential, a need to get off the fence and make a solid stance. Mercury conjunct Neptune natal heightens your senses to such a level, that the amount of information coming in can be difficult to process. So you may decipher extra information from symbols such as those found in the tarot, astrology and numerology; remember to have compassion for yourself and others during this time, and be aware and mindful in all your dealings. With this reading you receive. You now learn the limits of the rational mind and can now easily cooperate with intuition. At times you can just ignore advice, openly or underhandedly, leading you into more hot water. But I have been doing a lot of creative visualizations, they help. Take care not to deceive others, as this can come back to bite you where it hurts in the long run. Moon Transit Aries : What does the moon being in Aries mean? You will receive an email within 24 hours please check spam folder. Not understanding matters regarding issues related to everyday matters are important to discover because people cant find it hard to say what theyre thinking. Scandal in career is possible. More than this, this tendency of theirs can have them becoming true escapists and to avoid pain by not getting involved in anything. You have to be sure that no matter what you choose to start at in your life, you take the time needed to finish it. Web design & Development: ThinkWeb ThinkWeb Clearly gaining his driving licence was a positive new experience which enabled him to let go of an old way of being (i.e. If Mercury is lord of your 1st house, you may have trouble expressing yourself in a coherent manner. Drugs and alcohol or other escapist tendencies are especially likely to interfere with clarity of judgment and work efficiency. Your rational mind is confused, but your intuitive one is very sharp. and also did you wear any high heeled red shoes with that or ? Neptune Conjunct Moon A time during which you may be able to carry your ideals and dreams into reality to make your home and environment reflect your inner desires and become as you dreamed it could be. Dissolving hope? The whole story seems quite interesting and im working on my neptune sextile with this aspect really . Good for indulging in escapist literature. Perhaps, at first, you don't do this with any malintent. What does Mercury mean in your astrology horoscope chart ? Neptune conjunct midheaven transit Strong need to become less materialistic or egotistic; however, it's best to let go of old habits slowly instead of drastically abandoning them. Your increased ability to sense what other people want or need can help you design stories, videos or ads that will appeal to their emotions. Your birth details help us personalize your experience and content. How to Handle The Curveballs of Eclipse Season & Stay Fierce As Hell! Valuable insights can be gained through meditation, dreaming, and practicing occult fields like astrology and Tarot. CATA buses and facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. So, you have an incredible gift for painting an alternate picture of the world. The shadow side of Mercury Conjunct Neptune looks like deceit, lies and poisonous tactics, so beware! Its essential to separate high imagination from logic, and vice versa, do all you can to steady the mind and train it, so there is only ever one clear thought in your mind at any one time. Angeles, California, Although there is a positive side to the transit of Neptune in conjunction to your natal Mercury, it is quite difficult to handle because the logical side of your brain gets clouded by a nebulous fog. If lord of the 9th, you may be attracted to the mystical side of life more than usual. Sun In Libra Astrology: Is Sun in Libra good, What does it mean to have Sun in Scorpio? 75 days. Avoid becoming an escape artist due to your lack of self-discipline and getting lost in the information; learn to control the background noise and partake in life, dont avoid it.