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The large interior of a stone chamber at the Calendar II site in South Woodstock Vermont. Christmas lights and decorations shine in Woodstock, Vermont's downtown district. Though hundreds were killed, someescaped into the frozen swamp where more died from wounds or the harsh winter conditions. Notice the flue hole/opening in the ceiling at the back of the chamber. Details. Show off your croquet skills, take a hike through the forest, and have a lazy lunch on the lawn and be sure to bring a bathing suit if it's warm enough to swim in the pond! Improve Your Listing. Phone: 802.457.2522 Fax: 802.457.3732 6. Or could they be something much different, and perhaps far older? Standing atthe crest of a wooded hill, the structure consisted of dry-laid stone wallsset between groups of glacial boulders. Clare Barboza. If anyone knows about it I would start there, Kedron Valley Inn 802 457 1743. A letter dated November 30, 1654, by John Pynchon, who founded Springfield, Massachusetts,lends strong support to theidea that many stone structures existed here before the colonists arrived. 975 people like this. The largest and probably best known stone chamber in Massachusetts is the Upton Stone Chamber near Worcester in Upton. Some have also suspected that Quaiapen and Stonewall John were lovers. 3. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, they say, and rightfully so. The town of Upton is locatedabout 12 miles southeast of Worcester. Connecticut also has quite a few at 62, New Hampshire has 51 and Vermont has 41. Kedron Valley Inn. The Kedron Valley Inn is directly ahead, turn a hard right. While their homes and other buildings have long since vanished, these stone chambers still exist. Woodstock, VT, 05091 (802) 457 1822 One of the biggest and best known stone chambers is called Calendar II in South Woodstock, Vt. Calendar II measures 10 feet by 20 feet on the inside, the same geometrical ratio as the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The volume of the energy in this place was too high for my tastes and sensitivity. Farmers wrote in diaries about building stone walls and farmhouse foundations, barns, orchards, but nothing about building these stone structures. He named the siteMystery Hill. The Wasps defeated the . He had it excavated and became convinced Irish Culdee monks built the site about 1000 A.D. This yields a ratio of something to the number one. The overhead lintel stones weigh approximately three tons each. The largest and best best-known chamber in Massachusetts is theUpton Stone Chamber in Upton. A Vermont event is something to write home about. In India, such spots are called tantrapieds, places for liberation and enlightenment. These sacred places have a very spiritual vibration, facilitating deep meditation and contemplation. +1 800-734-9435 | Website. Middle Covered Bridge is in downtown Woodstock, so it's an easy place to visit when you're in town. The Equinox Sunrise as seen from the Calendar 1 chamber occurs in a saddle in that ridge. ARPA Survey. The chamber is located inUpton Heritage Park at 18 Elm Street. 4 bedrooms (4 homes) $798,041. One claims to have found inscriptions in Ogam, a dead Celtic language, at the site.There is evidence of other structures or spaces constructed near by that have been destroyed, dismantled, or lost to time. Proponents of the idea that the chambers are ancient point out the existence of other apparently man-made megalithic structures in the Hudson Valley to support their beliefs. Includes exclusive aerial footage. Mystery Hill was renamed Americas Stonehenge and as a result gets 15,000 visitors a year. During the summer solstice, a procession of people banging drums softly come to Americas Stonehenge. They argue Gungywamp means church of the people in Gaelic. We use cookies on this website to enhance your experience of the site and help us understand how the site can be improved. 591 Sugarbush Farm Rd, Woodstock, VT 05091, USA. They looked for three things: Is there evidence of archaeo-astronomical alignment of the chambers to the Sun or Moon on significant days of the year? Woodstock-Quechee Region; Fairlee - Fairlee Motel & Drive-In; Randolph - Playhouse Movie Theatre; Southern Windsor County Region; Connecticut has 62, New Hampshire has 51, Vermont has 41, Rhode Island has 12, and Maine has four. There, he found a tabletinside one of the chambers, which he said was carved with Ogam characters, a Celtic alphabetic system. 1. Come to Woodstock for this premier literary festival with a boutique feel and a big heart! This chamber, like most other such chambers, is located over an underground water spring and a ley-line power centre. $375 per night. The ancient peoples knew to celebrate this time of. Marketplace. Right: Interior of Stone Chamber on Route 6 in New York State. More Videos about ancient America from Megalithomania:America's Stonehenge - Stone Chambers -, Megaliths \u0026 Giants of Ancient America: Hugh Newman - Landscapes of NE America: Glenn Kreisberg - America Lecture: Hugh Newman - Mysteries of Ancient America: Jim Vieira - of the Stones Documentary - Rock New York Dolmen - Rock: Balanced Rock or Dolmen? One of the best Christmas towns in Vermont is Stowe, the state's most visited during the season. And when? One of them is that the opening aligns with the rising sun on the winter solstice. A short time later onDecember 19, 1675, what is known as the Great Swamp Massacre occurred at theNarragansett village when it was attacked bycolonial militiamen fromPlymouth Colony,Connecticut Colony, andMassachusetts Bay Colony. Two of Woodstock's four losses were against the Blades, who won 3-2 in December and 1-0 in February, while Woodstock won the teams' second contest in January, 5-3. Save. This 100-acre site is located in the wooded hills outside of Groton just off Gungywamp Road. . In 1956 the property was bought by Robert Stone, who renamed it Americas Stonehenge, turned it into a tourist attraction, and began charging admission to see the monoliths. The 2023 Vermont high school winter playoffs are underway. Radiocarbon dating confirms that the structures were built as many as 4,000 years ago. Archeoastronomer Byron Dix also explored the site in the 1970s, determining that it was built by Native Americans as a ritual site. Autore dell'articolo: Articolo pubblicato: 16/06/2022 Categoria dell'articolo: nietzsche quotes in german with translation Commenti dell'articolo: elasticsearch date histogram sub aggregation elasticsearch date histogram sub aggregation The angle of elevation to the horizon is significant; therefore, the Sun rises much further to the South than it would be with a level horizon. Afterward, the fort was said to have been utilized by bandits and hermits. The large quarried stones havebeencarbon dated to 600 A.D. Archaeological excavations at the site have confirmed the presence of humans at the site over the past 4,000 years. Vermont's hourly minimum wage rises to $13.18 in new year. Many of the activities center around nature: skiing, hiking, fishing, biking, and . Address: Killington, VT 05751, USA | See on map. The fort istraditionally associated with a Narragansett sachem of the 17thcentury named Queen Quaiapen and a Narragansett man known to the Englishas Stonewall John. [] reason he ran was that he hoped to win the attention of an employer. The priest instructed the man to stay away from the chamber because it wasthe work of the devil and was a place where the devil enters this world. His first book, Written in Stone, is a wide-ranging exploration of hitherto-unknown connections among Freemasons, medieval cathedral builders and the creators of important ancient monuments, in support of his theory that a spiritually advanced mother culture, lost to history, is behind many of the worlds architectural and artistic traditions. Around 670 A.D., they used it to view the summer solstice. Make of that what you will. His published booksWritten in Stone(2011),The Missing Link(2016), andMayan Masonry(2018) offer rare insights into ancient megaliths, spirituality, mythology, magic, symbolism, secret societies, comparative religion and occult archaeology. calendar ii, south woodstock vermont. 50 reviews #3 of 3 Specialty Food Markets in Woodstock $ Specialty Food Market American Soups. Everyone knows that stone walls cover the New England landscape like honeycombs. Others say it is an Indian word. This is evidence of its use as a ceremonial centre. Find more informationhere. I visited and studied Balanced Rock in October 2015, a huge rock perched atop a ring of much smaller stones located in North Salem, NY. Most of the best-preserved chambers are driven into hillsides, though others are freestanding. See below for scores, schedules and game details (statistical leaders, game notes) from tournament games in girls basketball, boys . The Calendar II site is a stone chamber located in South Woodstock, Vermont. Tiny Rhode Island has only 12 stone structures, but still more than Maine, which has only four. The site is still in the Stone family today. Phi () is a basic sacred geometrical ratio is 1.618 : 1. 763 Calendar Hill Road South Woodstock Vermont 05071 . Some of the structures are thought to be Native American and perhaps had ceremonial functions. Fell and others whosupport the idea of the ancient European settlement, also cite further evidence such as the use of stone circles, carved deities and animal figures,symbolic markings, Celtic place names, cairns, and chamber features that alignwith the sunset and sunrise during solar solstices and equinoxes. . But several years ago, a new description was added, explaining the possibility that the rock could be a dolmen or ceremonial stone erected by Celts who may have visited the area more than 2,000 years ago. Here several of the members are working on Calendar 1 during the time of the excavation. The others are situated on private land and permission is needed to access them. On Yahoo, Yelp, SuperPages, AmericanTowns and 25 other directories! The sleeping area could use more lights. The chap she mentions family now own a lot of the land including the South Woodstock general store and the Kedron Valley inn. I will be returning to the Stone Chambers with further blog updates in the near future, and I am also currently working on a short film describing my experiences visiting and entering the chambers. It also has cromlechs, or circles of standing stones and barrows, or tombs. You can visit the restored chamber at the Nashoba Brook Conservation Area in North Acton on the easterly side of Main Street (Route 27), toward Westford and Carlisle. Located one hour south of the Vermont capital of Montpelier and just over two hours from Boston, Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut, Woodstock has a population of just over 3,000 but swells with visitors in both the popular foliage and summer seasons. The sun also is first seen rising in the notch of two hills seen from inside. For decades, intense debate has divided New Englanders as to their age, origin, function, and meaning. Typically they were one story high, circular or rectangular and as long as 30 feet. The walls of manybut not allthe chambers are corbeled, which means they are made up of piles of stones arched inward to supportthe megalithic ceiling stones. Amazingly, the chambers are all made of dry masonry stones, irregularly shaped. It was described as one of the most brutal and lopsided military encounters in all of New Englands history.. We will save your contact information to occasionally update you on new offerings about our website. Lots of options are offered for trail distances. Free: See How You're Listed. As of the 2000 census, the town population was 3,232. Hirundo Wildlife Refuge By Namiba Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Theres a secret bed, an echoing oracle chamber, a sacrificial altar stone and a stone-lined speaking tube that gives the impression the altar is talking when someone speaks into it. Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,; Stonehenge CC BY-SA 2.0, Gungywamps most famous chamber is the so-called calendar chamber. Archaeologists suspect the colonists originally used it for storage for a nearbytan bark mill. Every two weeks between September 21, 2022 and February 28, 2023, the Town of Woodstock, Vermont, will randomly select a single winner of this giveaway; either a one-night stay at the Woodstock Inn & Resort (exclusions apply), or a one-night stay at the Blue Horse Inn (exclusions apply). Located near the mouth of the Thames River outside of Groton, Connecticut, thisarchaeological site consists ofa wide assortment of stone chambers, a stone circle, and artifacts that have been found that date from2000-770 B.C. They concluded the stone structures did not serve as stone burial vaults, charcoal or lime kilns, potash burners or iron furnaces. The Upton Heritage Park is at 18 Elm Street. calendar ii, south woodstock vermont. However, that number has since been doubled. New England colonists, in general,were too busy farming ortrying to convert and/or eliminate the Indians to learn about the nativesknowledge of astronomy. Many of the chambers are aligned to the rising of the sun on special days, like the summer and winter solstices (June 21 and Dec. 21) and spring and autumn equinoxes (March 22 and Sept. 22), as well as specific solar and lunar events of the year. In his capacity as a field investigator, he hosts travel adventures to archaeological sites worldwide. When standing at that central stone, the first gleam of the rising Summer Solstice Sun can be seen through this notch!Next >>, significant horizonal astronomical events. It is one of thelargest and most precisely built beehive chambers in New England. They all faced east and many had inscriptions. There are some things that we do know for sure. But by whom and for what? When in Woodstock VT, make the quick 15-minute drive west to the Long Trail Brewery to try some of Vermont's most well-known (and well-loved) beers. Though many historians and archeologists believe these structures were built by early colonists as root cellars, or perhaps by Native Americans before them, others believe that some of these chambers are ancient, built by European travelers during the Bronze Age. However, many researchers today adamantly disagree and believe that the stone chambers were, in fact, built by American Indians or their ancient ancestors who lived in New England before the arrival of the first Europeans. Unfortunately, many of the chambers have been torn down or quarried for their stone. Prior to the publication of Written in Stone, Cassaro enjoyed a successful career as a U.S. correspondent, professional journalist, and photo researcher for Rizzoli Publications, one of the worlds leading media organizations. View Calendar. Our display advertising partner, Ad Agency, then enables us to present you with retargeting advertising on other sites based on your previous interaction with The doorway is oriented for the Winter Solstice sunrise to enter each year on December 21st. New England colonists found many stone buildings, when they arrived. 1,005 people follow this. Images: Gungywamp By Randal J. 6. You can feel the joy everywhere you turn . The site may have been down. It was described byDr. Edward J. Kealy, professor of the History at Holy CrossUniversity as potentially the most important stone complex in the Northern Hemisphere. But Professor Curtis Runnels,Professor of Archaeology at Boston University,scoffs at the assertion that it is a monument built by settlers from Europe in pre-Columbian Bronze Age times, stating thatNo Bronze Age artifacts have been found there.. The library has since undergone a $5 million renovation that highlights the original architecture, while allowing for modern amenities. In Killington, you're half-way done with your road trip to see Vermont fall foliage. Eastern Vermont has some of the densest concentrations of ancient stone structures in North America, most of which are located in Orange and Windsor Counties. He worked as a stonemason and a shell fisherman, but sometimes had to sell his trophies and medals to feed his wife and four [], Is there a list available of the sites mentioned? Surrounding the central site are upright stone monoliths that are said to be aligned to predict prominent astronomical sightings. NATIVE AMERICAN SHRINES Looking for more information on an an event not listed below? Thanks for watching.Music: Majestic by LesFM. The precisely fitted rocks of a dry stone masonry have held up well over the years. You can get to it via a series of trails in Exeter that surround the property. We need volunteers to continue this community service! Dimensions of the chambers vary, with some chambers measuring up to 40 feet in length and 10 feet in height. The interior of the chamber. Enjoy the thought adventure and come to your own conclusions or ideas. In fact, in the 1930s, someone estimated thatNew England had 250,000 miles of stone walls. Sugarbush Farm, just a 12-minute drive from Woodstock, has 500 lovely acres and is a great place to order a special gift, Vermont-made cheese. No artifacts have been found inside any of the Stone Chambers. Gungywamp Stone Circle by Randal J, courtesy Wikipedia. Vacation Home in South Woodstock with Outdoor Fireplace. There is an opening in the rear overhead. We also use your contact information to interact with you (if that was your intention). 4.4/5 Excellent! To see photographs from 1944 of the Upton Stone Chamber, click here.