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ON OR NEAR THE 33 DEGREE NORTHERN PARALLEL, Chronology of Significant Events At The Northern 33rd Degree of Latitude Day Williams (Ibid.). On the other hand, 3 X 3 = 9, or the Ennead, the nine primal gods of Egyptian mythology. On the African continent, in the town of Casablanca located in Morocco, a large square and hexagonal pyramidal construction are located on the 33rd parallel. The sacredness of numbers [Ibid.]. cit. In addition to that, Jesus Christ was 33 years old at his death. The biblical interpretation of the name is fanciful. Whatever works, man. Boma Johnson, Earth Figures of the Lower Colorado and Gila River Deserts: A Functional Analysis (Phoenix, Arizona: Arizona Archaeological Society, 1986), p. 107. Between now and the Battle of Armageddon, Antichrist will arise, take the world through the events of Revelation, and then be seized. . 01/03/16: 8: The eclipse exited the US at the 33rd parallel - watch the 33rd parallel: 09/10/17: 9 "When East meets West on . champion amy schneider hosts 'jeopardy! This is the ultimate goal; unfortunately, to achieve it, a lot of people are going to have to die. kinetic energy ,telepathy and mind control, Mystery, strange happening , the unexplained, Natural medicine, home remedy ,herbs, diet, Panic Attacks ,Paranoia, Personality Disorders, Persuasion, Pessimism, Pheromones, Phobias , Procrastination ,Psychiatry ,Psychologists, Psychopathy ,Psychotherapy, Relationships Resilience Self Esteem Sleep Sociopathy, Russian phenomenon , ghost and paranormal events, Teamwork Teenagers Temperament Tests Therapy, Time Management Trauma Visualization Willpower Wisdom, Home Dr. Saad Ramzi Al-Hashimi, PhD -Paranormal- Parapsychology Expert, Researcher and investigator, What language Angels and demons speaks- By Steve Ramsey, MY LIFE STORY IN YOU TUBE PLEASE SHARE AND PUSH LIKE, CENTRAL NEW YORK GHOST HUNTERS one of the best in USA, The mystery of the Anunnaki blood Steve Ramsey. Investigation of paranormal activities/ parapsychology and haunting Cleansing using wide range of methods since 1986. . William Bramley, The Gods of Eden (New York: Avon Books/Harper-Collins Publishers, 1990, 1989), p. 90. You may know that in numerology, 33 is considered a Master Number and symbolizes the Christ Consciousness. Is it Gods timing? JFK was murdered at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas near the 33rd Parallel on 11/22/63 (11 + 22 = 33). Dealey Plaza is shaped like a pyramid with missing capstone and was also the site of the first Masonic temple in Dallas. 52-54. Also on this line is the Three Rivers Petroglyphs site, located on the western base of the Sacramento Mountains 18 miles west of Ruidoso, New Mexico (33 degrees 19 minutes). 232-234; b. For instance, Knight and Lomas discovered that the ceremony for the Royal Arch of Solomon Degree (13 degrees) entails the candidate and two others playing the roles of the three Master Masons of Babylon: Shadrach, Meshech, and Abednego. [29]. Blavatsky. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference. Many other mysterious incidents took place around the Parallel 33. ; 35th Parallel north forms the boundary between the State of North Carolina and the State of Georgia, the State of Tennessee and the State of Georgia the State of Alabama. Hiroshima is 100 miles away. 1968 On June 5, 1968, shortly after winning the California primary election, United States Senator, Robert F. Kennedy, was killed at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California, close to the 33rd Parallel and near a Masonic Lodge. He found numerous stone tools of worked chert and a layer of charcoal that served as a hearth. 33rd parallel north. This Third World War seems to be right ahead of us, and out of the smoke, debris, and blood of this war Antichrist will come striding. Forbidden Knowledge News is also available on all popular podcast platforms! "It is in the middle with eight heavens in the east, eight heavens in the west, eight heavens in the south and eight heavens in the north. However, World War II was made possible through the events of 1933. Viva & Barnes LIVE! In studying the 33rd parallel of latitude that is 33 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane, . 16. The Meta Model: Straight NLP. as the militarily expansionist pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty. June is the 6th month; when added to the 5th day, you get an 11, Number22 RFK was shot by a .22 caliber pistol, Number33 Los Angeles is very near the 33rd Parallel, [Note: This information taken from RFK assassination site, http//]. which adds to 11, number of the 'doorway' or 'pillars of the portal' energy. At Caesarea Philippi, in the proximity of the 33rd Parallel, Jesus Christ predicted his own death. We hope you'll feel free to share in the conversation. 2. As Wescott explains, so 11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect. [Ibid., p. 100] Thus, while 11 is very important, multiplications are also important, such as 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99. About 40 miles due east of the small town of San Carlos, Arizona (33 degrees 24 minutes) is Point of Pines Ruin. RITUAL TO SUPERHUMAN ENTITIES FOR TEMPORAL POWER. It is noteworthy (no pun intended) that in the mid-30s FDR, a 32nd degree Mason and 32nd President of the U.S., initiated the printing of the reverse side of the Great Seal (the pyramidal eye mentioned at the beginning of this essay) on the legal tender. First, let us speak of the way civilizations fall either to the north or to the south of the 33rd Parallel. By the end of World War II, one of the three major Illuminati global rituals was accomplished. This city was made famous for the nearby discovery of the Terra Cota Warriors. [18] A bit farther east at nearly the same latitude is Baalbeck, an ancient megalithic temple constructed with some of the largest stone blocks ever cut in the world. 47. [39] Distinctive at Three Rivers is the circle-dot motif; one investigator who took the trouble to count found it to be the single most common element at this site. For all this, God has historically brought each pagan nature and/or culture into severe physical judgment, destroying them completely. In addition to human and animal figures, snakes, spirals, stars, circles, and other geometric figures, a Knights Templar-like Maltese cross nearly 10 feet in diameter has been found adjacent to a humanoid figure at the Ripley complex. How the Great Pyramid was built is unknown. THE DEATH OF FDR AND BHUTTO WERE "SACRAMENTO" OR "LOVE OFFERINGS" HUMAN SACRIFICES ON THE 33RD PARALLEL TO PROVIDE THE PSYCHIC ENERGY TO USHER IN THE US AND PAKISTANI NUCLEAR WEAPONS ERAS. Answer (1 of 6): Lattitude is only one factor in determining climate. portal 94 Everything Else. 7. Thus, Satan had his men on both sides of the Atlantic: Black Magick Hitler and White Magic 33rd Degree Mason, Roosevelt. 1947 On July 8, 1947, a UFO and aliens bodies were allegedly found in the desert outside Roswell, New Mexico at the 33rd Parallel. Listen: Indeed, there is not death, as can be discerned clearly There is only Change! She was dancing seductively and playfully in front of the Reptilian, and he seemed so in love and mesmerized by her energy. In more recent times Babylon played a significant role in the rituals of Freemasonry and continues to do so. 9, p. 239]. 19. Both world wars in the 20th Century have been fought to establish the One World Government, Economy, and Religion of Antichrist. 56. a. 28. This energy can be perceived as either positive or negative depending on a number of factors including the type of entities accessing the portal, ancient claims to the land (i.e. Henri-Paul Eydoux, The men who built the Tower of Babel, The Worlds Last Mysteries (Pleasantville, New York: The Readers Digest Association, Inc., 1979, 1976), p. 176. We shall continue eastward to encounter other significant ancient sites along the same parallel. Indeed, when we consider the northern latitude of 33 degrees, some intriguing synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, are found. ], To reiterate: Numbers are a key to the ancient views of cosmogony spiritually as well as physically to the evolution of the present human race; all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numerals. Perhaps the ancients discovered a ley line sort of dragon energy corresponding to this latitude, and constructed temples and sacred cities in order to utilize this terrestrial chi. Get personalized recommendations, and learn where to watch across hundreds of streaming providers. The fluid goes all the way down to the sacral chakra, the second bottom chakra, below the solar plexus. US president Truman was a 33rd degree freemason and 33rd US president. We shall quote from White Magic practitioner, Elizabeth van Buren, in her book, The Secret of the Illuminati, as she openly reveals Luciferian thought and values in her New Age book. 53. In the town of Casablanca located in Morocco (North Africa), a huge square and hexagonal pyramidal construction is located on the 33rd parallel. 180-181; b. Madeline Ferrin Par, Bert M. Fireman, Arizona Pageant: A Short History of the 48th State (Tempe: Arizona Historical Foundation, 1970), p. 148. You don't have to be a believer, a Freemason, or even well-versed in ancient cultures to get swept up in the multi-layered history and archeo-astronomy surrounding the 33rd . Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument (33 degrees 22 minutes) is located in a rugged and isolated region about 60 miles west of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The killing of Jews before Kristallnacht in November 1938, was very secretive, with death certificates being issued with phony causes of death. On the eastern side of Babylon was an outer rampart of triple wall construction extending for 11 miles. The Masonic author Albert Pike states that Tyre was the seat of the Osirian Mysteries after they had been imported from Egypt. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually. [6] As Southwestern archaeologist H. M. Wormington observes, The scope of the canal project suggests comparisons with the erection of the huge pyramids of Egypt or the great temples of the Maya. [7] Clearly this monumental technology was the key factor that allowed the desert dwelling people to inhabit their extremely harsh region for well over a thousand years. One of the largest rock art sites in the Southwest, this park contains over 20,000 glyphs scattered over 50 acres. Mount Hermon ("Mountain of the Chief", coordinates: 332458N 355127E) is a mountain cluster constituting the southern end of the Anti-Lebanon mountain range. Who chose this parallel to be the exact demarcation line as to be the line which marked the line beyond which Iraqi airmen cannot fly? Welcome to the 33rd Parallel. (The S. supposedly stood for Solomon.) It is approximate at the midpoint between the equator and the Arctic Circle It crosses North Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America and the Atlantic Ocean. Together with Rosicrucian Churchill and pagan Josef Stalin, Roosevelt formed the planetary triangle of nations known as theAllies, that would oppose the planetary triangle of nations known as theAxis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan. Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earths Lost Civilization (New York: Crown Trade Paperbacks, 1995), p. 262. Curiously, reports also stated that the continents of the Earth were etched upon its surface. Painted Rocks Petroglyph Site, Virtual Guidebook to Cactus Country [web site online]; available from the World Wide Web, [12] Although this is possible, we propose that Jachin represents the southern stargate between Sagittarius and Scorpius while Boaz signifies the northern stargate between Gemini and Taurus. The Babylonian empire was based in Babylon, near the 33rd Parallel. Download coordinates as: KML. Closer to the home of the Hohokam on the western side of the Colorado River are located a number of geoglyphs (also called intaglios). . This ancient capital of Mesopotamia on the banks of the Euphrates River was once the largest city in the world, encompassing over 2,500 acres. Most Covid patients at Israeli hospital fully vaccinated? The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology and Hidden History, edited by Preston Peet, Disinformation Books, New York, 2005. 497k members in the HighStrangeness community. Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 near the 33rd parallel. Heading west, the line passes through Damascus, Beirut, and onto two Templar castles one exactly on the 33rd latitude the other at 32.71. All Rights Reserved. A fascinating site also in the general vicinity of Phoenix is called the Circlestone Observatory (33 degrees 28 minutes). [36] Perhaps the suffix -can is a variant of ka, part of the word kachina. China sacrifice. Emil W. Haury, Prehistory of the American Southwest, edited by J. Jefferson Reid and David E. Doyel (Tucson: The University of Arizona Press, 1992, 1986), p. 45. Stonehenge and the American/Canadian Masonic Lodge are on the 51st parallel. Article originally published in Underground! The goal is the appearance of Antichrist. The number 33 enigmatically stretches as a latitude line across many diverse cultures in many different times. 8. and included the Temple of Marduk (known as Esagila) as well as the legendary Tower of Babel (identified as Etemenanki). Let us review these key events now. Q&A includes: I'm a past-life regression therapist. Address : 33RD PARALLEL DEFENSE 10435 N. Scottsdale Rd., STE 1 Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ) 85253. Once Adam Weishaupt established the Masters of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776, Freemasonry has been gradually moving the entire world into the Kingdom of Antichrist New World Order. 39. Your email address will not be published. An introduction to the principles of parallel incarnations by Willa Hillicrissing, a parallel reality specialist from 700 years in our future. The highest meaning of the number, 33, is that it represents the highest spiritual consciousness to which man can attain, and that 333 represents the man-god becoming immortal through his death, resurrection and ascension, just as the occultist considers Master Initiate Jesus to have done! Weeks later, the nuclear bomb was dropped on the 33rd Degree Parallel, at Nagasaki, Japan! Rather, this war is going to be waged simply because Iraq is in the center of world events at the 33rd Degree Northern Parallel. Polly Schaafsma, Indian Rock Art of the Southwest (Albuquerque: University of new Mexico Press, 1995, 1980), p. 235. The 26 earthen platform mounds arranged in a circular pattern are similar in structure to those in Arizonas Valley of the Sun, with temples and residences for the elite priesthood likewise built on top. Add to cart. 37. When [clover] is located upon a mountain it comes to signify knowledge of the divine essence gained by hard endeavor [Natural steps], through sacrifice or study (equivalent to ascension) J.E. Tremendous paranormal activity is occurring in Phoenix and has been since the 1947 Roswell Alien/UFO incident allegedly occurred. In a Biblical context we note that King David ruled in Jerusalem for thirty-three years, Jacob had thirty-three sons and daughters, and Jesus Christ was crucified at age thirty-three. 33 MAY BE MOST SACRED, MOST POWERFUL NUMBER OF ALL! The region also contains up to one hundred more pyramids. In the temples of Atlantis and Egypt, the candidate for initiation passed through nine degrees, or rather the three-fold three degrees, into the mysteries. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. 18. 12. Remember the Guiding Spirit vision of Albert Pike, January 1870, in which the demon revealed that three world wars would have to be fought to establish the New World Order and its reigning monarch, Antichrist [ReadNEWS1056]. The White Pyramid was built supposedly after the old emperors, known as the sons of heaven, descended to Earth in their fiery metallic dragons and began to rule China. Will C. Barnes, Arizona Place Names (Tucson: The University of Arizona Press, 1997, 1988), pp. Also of interest near the 33rd parallel is Byblos, a bit farther north of Tyre at a latitude of 34 degrees 08 minutes. The occult significance of the 33rd north latitude cannot be overestimated! They literally believe that numbers possess inherent power, all their own. Sandy Hook is on the 41st parallel . Four other ancient sites along latitude 33 N warrant brief mentions. The 33rd parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 33 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people so that they can see the coming New World Order Kingdom of Antichrist i, on 33- THE SECRET OF NUMBER 33, 33 PARALLEL, Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever, I considered the [10] horns, and behold, there came up among them another horn, a little one [Antichrist] , Thus David, the son of Jesse, reigned over all Israel. Babylon was the predominant city in the ancient world during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II. Explorations of the Paranormal, UFOs, Ancient Cultures, Cryptozoology, Consciousness, Futurism The latter structure was a seven-tiered ziggurat rising to a height of 300 feet with a base on each side measuring the same distance. Starting at the Prime Meridian and heading eastwards, the parallel 33 south passes through: Co-ordinates Three Rivers Site is also unique because it is one of only a few places in the Southwest that were used primarily for rock art rather than it being merely an adjunct to the village. First, let us speak of the way civilizations fall either to the north or to the south of the 33rd Parallel. RITUAL TO SUPERHUMAN ENTITIES FOR TEMPORAL POWER. Oppelt, Guide to Prehistoric Ruins, pp. UFO Lore and the 33 rd Parallel. These degrees symbolized the re-entering of the womb in order, after the three times three months of gestation, to be reborn into the world of Spirit-consciousness.. See Gary A. Davids essay entitled The Dual Stargates of Egyptian Cosmology, Duat CD ROM magazine, Issue 1, Sept. 2002. At the latitude of Phoenix this is the exact point of the winter solstice sunset as well. Paranormal Zone,The Haunting Dimensions- PZHD. Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? The 33rd Parallel - Masonic Line of Death for Psychic Energy: 12/29/05: 5: The 33rd parallel: 04/30/09: 6: 33rd Parallel fun facts: 03/30/21: 7: 33rd parallel, 33 degrees. Is your family? [50], Entering the historical period, we find hovering near the 33rd parallel a number of provocative synchronicities. Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases (New York: Random House, 1973), p. 72, pp. Oppelt, Guide to Prehistoric Ruins, pp. 554-556. Approximately 10 miles southwest of the town of Lake Providence (32 degrees 49 minutes) on the Mississippi River floodplain in northeastern Louisiana is Poverty Point State Historic Site. And according to various sources was used as the site of a human sacrifice ritual to the. It is mentioned in an Egyptian document . 126-130. Further, they seek to bring a select number of citizens of the earth along with them, so that the entire world can begin to go through a path to this highly exalted spiritual consciousness; at this moment, everyone on earth will have a physical Third Eye, just as did the citizenry of Atlantis! [49] Besh-ba-gowah is an Apache phrase meaning place of the metal, referring to the copious silver and copper deposits in the area. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 1704-1662 B.C. Pike maintains that the temple contained a representation in silver of two large serpents. 33 rd annual glaad media awards recipients include: hacks, we're here, saved by the bell, rupaul's drag race, eternals, changing the game, parallel mothers, single all the way, the advocate, telemundo 47. jeopardy! [48] Incidentally, five or so miles to the south is a hot springs called Arsenic Tubs, number 33 on the periodic table. Called the Solomon Lodge No. drag queen edition' with hosts bob the drag queen, eureka o' hara, and shangela. 34. Etowah Mounds Historic Site, About North Georgia [web site online]; available from the World Wide Web,; accessed 4 July 2002. Spanish explorers named the range Estrella (star) after the pattern of deeply carved canyons radiating from the summit. [55] This display of lights videotaped by scores of people in the Phoenix area was possibly related to the earlier sightings. News reports just a few days ago indicated the Pentagon was possibly planning to use nuclear weapons in Iraq. Add to wishlist . 40. Extracted and hauled from a quarry many miles away, these megaliths include one block measuring 80 feet long and weighing 1,100 tons. [14]. 1, the Masonic meeting place was known as the Mother Lodge of the world. His parentage is disputed. Poverty Point Earthworks: Evolutionary Milestones of the Americas, Louisiana Office of State Parks [web site online]; available from the World Wide Web,; accessed 4 July 2002; c. A Rich Culture Flourished 12 Centuries Before Christ, Poverty Point State Historic Site, Louisiana State Parks [web site online]; available from the World Wide Web,; accessed 4 July 2002. Dante Alighieri, The Purgatorio: a Verse Translation For the Modern Reader, translated by John Ciardi (New York: New American Library, 1961, 1957), p. 334. Thus, they deliberately ended it on the 11th Month [November], the 11th Day, at the 11th hour. Two years after the war ended, the modern flying saucer age began in earnest when something crashed near Roswell, New Mexico-- 33 degrees 26 minutes North latitude. David S. Whitley, A Guide to Rock Art Sites: Southern California and Southern Nevada (Missoula, Montana: Mountain Press Publishing Company, 1996), p. 127. [23], Traveling along the 33rd parallel from the Middle East to the Far East, we encounter the fabulous White Pyramid located about 60 miles southwest of Xian (Sian or Hsian) in the Qin Ling Shan Mountains of Chinas Shensi Province. Known in numerology as the Master Teacher, 33 is the most influential of all numbers, indicating selfless devotion to the spiritual progress of humankind. The construction of Babylon began during the twenty-third century B.C. Roosevelt was succeeded in April of 1945 by 33rd degree Mason Harry S. Truman. 9. In fact, the town of Globe was so named because of the 1875 discovery of a globe-shaped mass nine inches in diameter made of 99% pure silver and valued at $12,000. [8] The color is one of the meanings of the word phoenix, which the ancient Egyptians sometimes associated with the purple heron. About 3 years later at the 33rd parallel in Roswell, New . It is found over and over again in the stories of the Bible and elsewhere. But what's that got to do with Tom? To the west of this earthwork, Bird Mound rises 72 feet high and extends 600 to 800 feet at its base. On April 12, 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt met his sudden death of a cerebral hemorrhage at the 33rd Parallel at Warm Springs, Georgia. djinn, "fairies", or other entities), military involvement in the area . Nagasaki, Japan is on the 33rd Parallel. You will be shocked at the bloody manner in which the New World Order will be established, just as this horrific I Witch symbol reveals. The year was symbolic as well. Phoenix, Arizona, is on the 33rd Degree Parallel. High in the Superstition Mountains about 54 miles east of the metropolis lies an elliptical medicine wheel constructed of a stone wall three feet thick with a circumference of 427 feet. Over time, Dachau would become one of the infamous killing centers of the entire holocaust effort. At the 33rd latitude the sun is visible for 14 hours, 20 minutes during the summer solstice and 9 hours, 58 minutes during the winter . [4] A more ominous connotation appears in the 33rd element of the periodic table. This pilgrimage was intended to honor the creation, and ritually retrace the path of Mastamho [the creator-deity, whose name echoes the Hopi god Masauu mentioned above] in his mythic adventures. [34] Here we find a north-south dichotomy similar to that found along the Nile, with the Mound of Creation (i.e., Heliopolis) located to the north. The many similarities between the two seem to point in that direction. Number11 RFK was shot on June 5. 165-167; b. Franklin Folsom and Mary Elting Folsom, Ancient Treasures of the Southwest: A Guide to Archaeological Sites and Museums in Arizona, Southern Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1994), p. 16. At Carmel Elijah, the Hebrew prophet stood against 850 heathen prophets and defeated them (1 Kings 18). Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Prepared for the Supreme Council of the Thirty-third Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States and Published by Its Authority (Charleston, South Carolina: A. 1946 On August 19, 1946, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President, was born in Hope, Arkansas, at the 33rd Parallel. At the time of this latter UFO sighting the constellation Orion would have been seen hovering over the southwestern horizon, were it not for urban light pollution. But, Greece and Rome began a movement of civilizations, where the center of power gravitated gradually northward. It was then observed 10 miles to the south in Chino Valley, where it apparently streaked over the present authors house, who missed seeing the event by a matter of minutes. Reminiscent of the seven Aztecan caves mentioned above, five caves in the Mogollon Mountains of southwestern New Mexico contain about 40 masonry and adobe rooms built circa 1280 A.D., although semi-subterranean pit houses have been found nearby dating back to circa 100 A.D. [44], In saguaro cactus country about 56 miles northeast of Phoenix is another site on the global mystery circle called Tonto National Monument (33 degrees 44 minutes), which also contains cliff dwellings within shallow caves.